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Taking an active role in your own health is important, but it can be challenging. Patients with a better understanding of their care actually experience better health outcomes. Our unique approach uses clinical expertise, patient experience, neuroscience and technology to reinvent how we all learn about our health.
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Course curriculum

  • 2

    The Basics

    • What do your kidneys do? (video)

    • Introduction to Kidney Health

    • The Basics of Kidney Transplant (image)

    • Kidney Transplantation (video)

    • Introduction To Kidney Transplant

    • Living donor kidney transplant (video)

    • The Transplant Process

    • Kidney Basics Quiz

  • 3

    Checking in

    • How are you doing?

  • 4

    Before and After

  • 5

    Checking in

    • How are you doing?

  • 6

    Patients' Stories

    • Living with CKD | Teresa (video)

    • Diabetes and Transplant | Linda (video)

    • A Second Chance At Life | Anthony (video)

  • 7

    Kidney Donor Stories

    • Confessions of a kidney donor (video)

    • What it's like to donate a kidney (video)

  • 8

    Surgery Procedure

    • Kidney Transplant Surgery (video)

  • 9

    Next Steps