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How it works

We deliver what you need to know, how and when you need it.

  • Clinical Expertise

    From the basics of kidney health to treatment options like transplant and dialysis, our content helps patients at every stage.

  • Learning Science

    Our platform is designed to help deliver important information when patients need it most to improve learning and confidence.

  • Storytelling

    We help patients share their stories and experiences so others can learn from them when faced with similar situations and decisions.


  • What is the goal of this program?

    Our goal is to help people learn about their kidney health, and to enjoy doing it! With 90 million Americans having low health literacy, and 40 million affected by kidney disease, we need a better way to learn. Together, with the help of science and storytelling, we can change the status quo.

  • How long does each lesson last?

    We aim to keep our lessons to 3 to 5 minutes each. Since our goal is to help people understand the information, keeping lessons short allows people to stay engaged and increases overall understanding.

  • How many lessons are there?

    It depends! Each course will have a different number of lessons, and each user will take different courses depending on their needs. Think of it like a choose your own adventure, where a full course usually takes about an hour but can be spaced over several days or weeks.

  • How does this compare to handouts or videos?

    Information alone is not enough. There's a good reason why we forget most things we read or watch: our brains are hardwired to forget. That's why our focus on delivering digestible bits of information, at the right time and in the right format, leads to better learning outcomes.

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